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Car Amplifier

Dragster For-X – One of The Leading Car Amplifier Manufacturer

Dragster For-X is one of the leading car amplifier manufacturing companies in Turkey, dealing with the car audio system market since 1985. Our long-time experience makes us professionals in designing all types of car amplifiers due to which people approach us when it comes to buying the best car amplifiers.

Since we’ve been working in this field for a decade, our expertise and long working time have made us stand among the top car amplifier suppliers.

Amplifiers in the car are quite common as almost everyone wants to have them because of the music addiction. Our company being a well-known car amplifier manufacturer acknowledge it and design the type of amplifier as per the customer’s demand

At “Dragster For-X,” we design and make a diversified variety of car amplifiers that can fit in any required car. We stay updated with all market trends and technology that is trending high in the market. It enables us to design the best-updated amplifiers that can operate well on all car models.

Come to Car Audio Product, and avail the best car amplifiers! We acknowledge each customer has a different set of never overlooked requirements, but only if they handover to us!

Customer Services Of The Top Car Amplifier Manufacturer

Customer satisfaction has always been our top priority. We listen to their requirements and take note of their demands to exactly provide them what they ordered. Being the leading car amplifier manufacturer, the standard of material and quality of amplifiers is always top-notch quality, which our customers appreciate.

Benefits of adding our car amplifier:

Better Sound Quality:

Adding our car amplifier can improve your sound system by being a power source to drive your car speakers without straining them. As a leading car amplifier manufacturer, we provide quality amplifiers that enhance sound quality.


A noisy air conditioning, loud engine, and traffic are noises your audio sometimes cannot compete with all. Our car amplifier helps increase the volume so you can enjoy your music.

Power for Speakers and a Subwoofer:

Our car amplifier provides the correct power for getting optimal sound performance out of higher quality aftermarket car speakers. Car subwoofers require more power than typical car speakers, and a separate car amplifier can be necessary while adding a subwoofer.

Be it quality, durability, performance, affordability; our amplifiers excel in all aspects. Our customer service team keeps the customers updated with all the information about their consignment. You can feel free to contact our team whenever you have any queries about your consignment or placing an order for car amplifiers, and one of our representatives will get back to you asap.

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